About Us

After buying a few acres in the community of Norene in Wilson County, TN, we knew that we would eventually be doing what God wanted us to do: raise animals and live and enjoy a simple lifestyle. Living in a home built in 1918 with a log barn that was on the property when it was settled in the mid-1800s, goats just fit into the equation. We were attracted to dairy goats because of their easy temperament and the benefits of their milk. When Billie Hallman’s Nubian herd became available, we were ecstatic! But soon, we had TOO MUCH milk, more than we could possibly drink or make ice cream with. We then enlisted a neighbor, Patty Alsup, a true friend and dedicated farmer, to teach us to make natural soap. With the help of other great friends, Joey and Rhonda Hendrixson making displays, Dennis and Gail Jedlicki offering encouragement, and the Steven Tyree family sharing ideas and contacts, we were off and running. Little did they know at the time that we were using them as “guinea pigs,” testing our recipes and giving us feedback. Thanks to their honesty, we feel like we are making the best soap available and are living the simple life. Thank you to our good friends and family and to all who enjoy our products.