Comments From Our Customers

Our goat's milk soap makes our customers very happy. Don't believe us? Check out the comments below from some of our satisfied customers!

Michelle, Gallatin, TN

I purchased some of your soap for my son's acne when you were at the square in Gallatin. Can you tell me how I can get some more of it?

Janet, Wilson County Fair

I bought some soap at the Wilson county fair in August. I would like to know where I can purchase some more. I have told several people about the soap and they live in different areas. If you could send me the locations I would really appreciate it.

Connie, Columbia, TN

We met you at the Southern Fried Festival in Columbia a couple of weeks ago. I bought a bar of your Exfoliant Soap for my daughter. She's been using it every day since then and she loves it.

Kristen, Mt. Juliet, TN

Met you all at the Wilson County Fair. You recommended your Exfoliant Soap for oily skin. It's wonderful!! I use it like regular soap for my face, and it cleans the oil off well, yet does not strip or make the skin feel tight.

Jimmy, Smyrna, TN

I must admit I was a bit pessimistic to try the shaving bar that I received during Christmas in July because I have very sensitive skin. I shaved one side of my face on Sunday, no bad reaction. On Monday I shaved the other side and head. It was a clean and smooth shave. I love it! I have been using Arbonne shaving cream and now I have been converted to the Goat's Milk.

Adam, Buttercup Festival

This is Adam. I'm the big bald guy that you spoke to at the Buttercup Festival in Nolensville the other week. I wanted to let you know I used the bar this morning and it was great! I hadn't shaved in about a week, so my hair was slightly longer than I usually want it to be when I shave. It felt great! The blades just glided across my skin and I believe it will help save my blades. My skin felt great afterwards, and I had no burning or bumps. I will definitely tell others about your products and continue to use the bar myself! Great product!!

Marlene, Sparta, TN

I drug my reluctant husband to your booth not too long ago when you were in Sparta. He listened intently as you explained to him the benefits of using your soap for shaving. We bought only one bar and we still have it. It's the most awesome soap, my husband absolutely LOVES it! I have swiped it as well, and also love it. We would like to order some more.